Our History

Njiiri School History

School Establishment

The Thought and Necessity of starting Njiiri School was born in the year 1952 - through the initiative of the late Ex-Senior Chief Njiiri Wa Karanja. The School is situated in Kigumo Sub-County of Murang’a County, then known as ‘Fort Hall District’ in the Central Province of Kenya. It was the ‘first high school’ - ever to be established in the district. During the late 1940s’ and early 1950s’ the late Ex- Senior Chief Njiiri wa Karanja who was the area Chief of Location 2, where the School is situated,

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School Site Search

Four Senior Chiefs in the district namely, Michuki Njoroge, Ignatius Murai, Ndung’u Kagori, and Njiiri Wa Karanja were provided with the D.C’s Land Rover and a driver. They traveled the whole day; eventually ending up at the present school site – (Kihaaro Kia ‘Ndumo’ na Baraza ya Chief ) – not far from Chief Njiiri’s home – late in the evening. That far, they had not found/agreed on any site as yet. Through the persuasion of Chief Njiiri (who was the oldest in the team), they

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Openning The School

In January 1958, the Pioneer-class of 25 boys was admitted to Form One. To receive and teach the 25 students during the first term were only 2 teachers – Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson. Mr. Peter Sanderson was the first Headmaster of the School. Two graduate teachers from Makerere University College; James King’ang’i Njoroge, (‘Early-man’) – History and Nicholas Gichure Kimani, (‘Calorie’) – Science respectively; {as nicknamed by the boys} were posted to the school during the 2nd term.

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